Wednesday , October 20 2021
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First data from the BMW 530e iPerformance 2018

BMW presents its new saloon with traction hybrid plug-in that will come to beginning of the next year, along with the rest of the new series 5, that will be both with traction rear as traction total, being the first of this type that offer both possibilities

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We stick a first look at the BMW 530e iPerfomance 2018

BMW introduces its new sedan with plug-in hybrid drive, which will arrive at the beginning of next year, along with the rest of the new 5 series, which will both have rear-wheel drive as all-wheel drive, being the first of its kind that offers both options

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Presents BMW X 1 xDrive25Le plug-in which will only come to China


Many European brands are urging to launch models for the Chinese market, both generalists as Premium. BMW is one of them manufacturers European that greater presence have in the market Chinese, e tries to that not decline with the arrival of them generalists launching products that maybe in the old …

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Solar panels on the roof for the Toyota Prius Plug-in


The new generation of the Toyota Prius plugin hybrid, the plug-in hybrid version, will receive solar panels for solar roof in Japan and Europe. These photovoltaic panels will benefit from direct sunlight to generate electricity, and further, if possible, the efficiency of the Toyota Prius hybrid plig-in. The best can …

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