Tuesday , October 19 2021
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Smart is clear, only to sell its electric range in United States


The electric vehicles market is still in its stage of hatching. Although there are several brands (Renault and Nissan mainly) who already sell such vehicles on a massive scale must still increase their critical market mass. The main problem that exists with this type of cars is that their autonomy …

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The Smart Fortwo investigated by the NHTSA for possible fire


The signing of small cars of Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) Smart has become very popular in the whole world thanks to the success that took his urban micro Fortwo for two. This small vehicle already goes by its third generation and has managed to fit in the minds of many consumers, …

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Smart has already sold no less than 2 million units


Smart showed the first prototype of vehicle in all its history in 1995, in the Hall of the automobile of Frankfurt, that suggestive of the doors side. This prototype would receive a few months later the European design award. Finally, the marks belonging to Daimler threw to the market in …

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The new Smart Brabus already have price in Spain


During the last show of Beijing was presented the complete range of Smart Brabus. It’s the sportier versions of these three small vehicles. From today are now available in our country the Smart ForTwo, ForTwo Cabrio and ForFour Brabus signed. The first units will arrive at the end of this …

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