Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Tesla, after beating Ford, is worth more than General Motors


Tesla Motors is going through a golden age in terms of to stock market trading . Several days ago we mentioned that the signing of Elon Musk had decided to sell 5 percent of its shares to the Chinese technology company Tencent. After made this information public actions of the …

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It could be the next Tesla Roadser; dream by dream on a Toyota FT-1


The Model S has become the advertising of Tesla Motors and technology showcase, however long before that came this electric sedan manufacturer in Silicon Valley had already made another car. The Roadster was the first electric brand vehicle and despite being seated on a Lotus chassis, its batteries and sensations …

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Tesla Motors sells a 5% of its shareholding to Tencent china


As the automotive industry progresses, different brands that comprise it need to have greater financial resources. The reason for this situation can reel off in three basic aspects: the first is to assume the costs of developing new products, the second is the production of more environmentally friendly engines with …

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Tesla Motors will begin manufacture of the Model 3 February 20


Tesla Model 3 Tesla Motors are in luck. The signature of silicone Valley, after create much expectation with the launch of the saloon electric compact Model 3, has confirmed the date in that start their manufacturing. When brand in 2016 officially presented the model told us that by the end …

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The Tesla Model 3 will not mount the batteries of 100 kWh


Tesla continues preparing for the arrival of its Model 3. The sedan’s access to the range of the American manufacturer, which will open a new portfolio of clients, will land on the market in a few months, being highly anticipated arrival. Still we don’t have all the data of the …

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Tesla Model S P100D still ruining Chronos in Drag Racing


For those who don’t know, drag races are acceleration tests are carried out in a straight line from standing and jumping after the traffic light turns green. A test of drag does not say if a car is more agile, faster or more dynamic, but Yes makes us partially see …

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