Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Volkswagen Golf R Performance, more distinction but same power


The top of the compact par excellence is the R, the Volkswagen Golf Rversion. Shows an aesthetic that is more dynamic than the “normal” range and variants GTD, GTI and GTI Performance and, more or less, to the same height as the new incorporations Clubsport and Clubsport S. Nonetheless, it …

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Start the commercialization of the updated Volkswagen Golf


One of the most important developments of recent weeks was the update of the King of the compact, the Volkswagen Golf. The “best seller” of the mark of the town car has received a renewal in the middle of its life cycle of this seventh generation, updating it to power …

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These are the prices for the Volkswagen Golf 2017 in Spain


Made something more than one month that Volkswagen made the presentation of the Volkswagen Golf 2017, presentation that here you have. Not is was of a relay generational, by which the changes aesthetic not were too large; in fact, they are almost invaluable abroad, although somewhat notable in the cockpit. …

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Prices and engines of the Volkswagen Golf in Germany


Already several weeks ago that the brand of the car of the people made public first update of the Volkswagen Golf. A restyling for half of its cycle of life in this seventh generation that it dota of an image outside partially renewed although without changes important, while the inside …

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