Monday , August 15 2022
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Volkswagen AG could be thinking in getting rid of Ducati


Large auto groups are thinking how can grow to be more competitive and save money in the development of their cars. The logical thing is to see how brands are eaten to others, as if they are in a situation of superiority they must take advantage of it. The latest …

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Do you like the Volkswagen Polo 2018 luciese this image?


The Volkswagen Polo is already around a veteran who, thanks to their good approach, has been able to resist the passage of the years and therefore a full renewal. The great competence of Segment B, affects to be up to date, is a compulsory task. If all of this out, …

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The Volkswagen Tiguan has a Chinese bastard brother, Zotye Domy X 7


The Chinese automotive market is the major nerve that may exist on the face of the Earth. The national brands want to thrive based on copying the design and technology of European firms, and that, they internalize with absolute naturalness. In Chinese popular culture there is no intellectual property because …

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One of the words that more you are listening to in the car trade during recent years is “downsizing“. They are the engines of low capacity and high performance that, in theory, contribute to reduce the pollution produced during the combustion in the cylinder. Most “normal” brands have resorted to …

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Volkswagen AG will not have on board more Porsche-Piech family


Group Volkswagen AG is one of the rarest moments and hard who remember living in decades. The Dieselgate has steamed up the work that had been doing the German conglomerate for years. His arrival at the number one world is at stake, because this situation could still lead to one …

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Volkswagen confirms that Shanghai will see an electric SUV


The Salon of the car of Shanghai this few days open their doors. This quote increasingly is gaining more impact because it has emerged as the best showcase of China. Why brands do not want to miss it since it allows them to reach a very large number of customers …

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