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Tata Motors and Volkswagen Group sign a memorandum of cooperation

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The collaboration between brands in the field of the automobile is becoming something crucial to the survival of these. Examples of collaborations have something for everyone and the last sample has been the of the acquisition of Opel / Vauxhall by the French group PSA. However, also other alliances that in principle could be somewhat curious are established.

The group Volkswagen is currently the largest manufacturer of cars in the world. However, in an effort to continue to grow in sales and market share to worldwide has signed a new collaboration agreement. The company that has sealed it isn’t either, as it is one of the largest conglomerates of the car which is in the eastern part of the world.

Tata Motors is the partner who has chosen the German conglomerate to sign a new agreement of cooperation. By now they have just signed a memorandum of understanding, but knowing the defiant having the Group German to grow, surely it will become something stable in time. In addition, admittedly that Tata nor his firm hurt you because you need new partners if it wants its brands (Jaguar and Land Rover) to continue to grow in the market.

Grupo Volkswagen

Tata Motors officials have communicated that in the memorandum of collaboration that have signed various aspects have been treated. Among the most important are the Exchange of technology, components, platforms, and the establishment of business relationships in the markets where both companies are strongest.

It must not be very stupid to realize that looking for the Volkswagen Group is to plunge headlong into the Indian market. In addition, if we keep reminding we have that the German group will have its signature low cost in a short time. Therefore, as a result we have that Tata would open them the doors of one of the most important in the world markets and they will attack it with products designed for them.

In the case of Tata Motors cooperation comes les in handy for entering other markets that are not present. Obviously the potential of this Alliance seems to be higher for the Indian brand, but Jaguar and Land Rover will benefit most from this agreement. However, it should be taken with pliers this Alliance as the previous agreement it had signed with Suzuki Volkswagen ended as the Rosary of the aurora , and now the next could be Tata.

By now Volkswagen managers have only communicated that they are in talks with the people of Tata Motors, but have been unwilling to clarify more points. It remains to be seen what happens with the agreement once we know the main areas that are touching.

Source – Tata Motors

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