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Tata Motors will present its new brand TAMO in Geneva

Tata - Tamo

The world of the automobile and how customers view the cars has changed. In time past, throwing the car brands within its portfolio its sporty models without a problem. However, with the polarization of the market and customers to two antagonistic points (cars and economic court or premium clients) brands have them to devise so that performance versions provide the firm more than sportiness.

In a matter of five years here we have witnessed the birth of the Nismo sports ranges (for Nissan), Mugen (Honda) or the most recent N (from Hyundai). All of them reach the market to reinforce the sporty models of each brand or even to launch models that are not in the “normal” catalog of the House. Following this example, the signature Indian Tata Motors is preparing the landing of his own firm’s sports court that differentiate their normal performance models.

Tata - Tamo Future

Tamo Motors is the name chosen by marketers of Tata. According to several sources, Tamo Motors could make their official debut in the next Geneva Motor and would do so with a concept letter. The Future Tamo is the model that hides under the Red sheet and by the silhouette that you can see, looks like a sporty low proportions of coupé.

According to Autocar India, the vehicle that we will see in Geneva will be a sporty two-seater with central engine. Continue pointing, that this concept will weigh about 800 pounds and will also be driven by a gasoline Revotron turbocharged engine with close to 180 HP power. Of be certain this information would be talking of one of those sports with best relationship power of the market.

Finally, they add that When you arrive at the market will do it in a pulled commercial limited to only 250 units. However we will not have what worry since as it would have reported the firm, Tamo will also prepare the sport versions of models from Tata, as well as launch other models of character introduction.

Source – Autocar India

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