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Tata will share platforms and engines for the basic models of Skoda and Volkswagen

Tata Kite 5

A couple of days ago I advanced that Tata Motors and the Volkswagen Group had signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a deeper cooperation agreement later. This agreement will apparently more advanced than we had initially expected and according to the latest information we have already defined there are several points in terms of shared technology.

As reported by the Indian group Tata Motors, Volkswagen Group will receive the latest modular platform which have developed for two of its brands, as well as its mechanical (we understand that petrol and diesel). Apparently, the firms that manufacture their cars using this technology will be the Czech Skoda and Volkswagen own under his signature low cost. The use of these resources with the German conglomerate will reduce the time and cost of design and development of cars van intended for certain markets.

Tata Zica

The platform modular AMP of Tata (it has already been premiered at the Tiago and Kite 5) it has been tested by engineers of the Volkswagen Group. After these tests, they would have been pleased by his resistance, safety and technical simplicity. Therefore, they would have set aside the idea of the most expensive and sophisticated PQ35 platform used for these cars and use the cheapest and easy to customize AMP.

On the other hand, the Volkswagen Group would not only get a platform for their low cost cars Tata would have also agreed to facilitate the mechanics necessary to give life to the Volkswagen and Skoda vehicles launched in emerging markets. With all of this, the cost savings will be significant, and the German group would only have to worry about making their exterior designs and interiors as well as choose the equipment that will form the range.

The first model that will emerge from this new Alliance come to market under the label Skoda and its approximate date of landing is planned for the year 2019. It remains to be seen which features, prices and equipment reaches the market. In addition, it must also see if the model that lance Volkswagen is a highlighted copy or if on the contrary they risk with other design.

Source – Tata Motors

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