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The Argentine Toyota Yaris is already on sale and no, it is not like the European

Toyota Yaris

To close a week full of news I’d like to bring you an example of how globalization makes that two completely different products share name and even philosophy. In this case, I would like to bring the new Toyota Yaris. No, don’t be alarmed, this model is not which is manufactured in Europe and sold in Europe and the United States. This Yaris is exclusive for the Mercosur market and these days is put on sale in Argentina.

Our Toyota Yaris is a urban of them more flirty and technological of the market, however to other markets Toyota has created a Yaris with other features technicalas. The model destined to the market Argentine is a derivative of the Toyota Etios, since uses the same platform and several components. This vehicle initially was developed for China and Thailand, however the brand managers decided that you could also be exported to the Mercosur.

Toyota Yaris trasera

As you can see, neither in design or poise, it has nothing to do with our Yaris. This model stands out by a more simple at the same time that functional lines. Both their headlights and rear are more risky than the European model design. However, If it saves a little aesthetic detail with the model that we know in Spain. This is the pillar C painted in color black to create the feeling of a ceiling floating.

Toyota Yaris interior

Regard to its design inside there jumps to the view to what market goes directed this Toyota Yaris. Not it seems nothing to our or by forms or qualities. View jump your dashboard abused by hard plastics. However, in its favor must say settingslook more than correct. The designers have created a functional and no frills carrier to reduce costs.

However, where the brand has not spared (unlike competitors) is in security features. The Argentine Yaris take serial brakes ABS with EBD, airbags and ISOFIX anchorages for the seats of the ninoas. As elements of comfort not forget air conditioning, Central locking and a seven inch touchscreen with CD player, MP3 and Bluetooth.

If we focus on its mechanical range, we must mention that this model is only available with a single motorization. It is composed of a block gasoline with 1.5 liter 16-valve and 107 HP. This engine only can be combined with an automatic change of CVT type, featuring seven speeds.

Finally, I want to tell you its price. The Toyota Yaris Argentine in its unique mechanical and equipment is available for sale in Argentina from 347.000 weights. And now I ask you, do you know how much is this amount in euros? as neither more nor less that 20.851 euros. Do you think now globalization?

Source – Toyota

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