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The bands reducing “guard lying” raise the pollution

Guardia acostado Bandas reductoras

Our cities are sown of them and whenever passed by one us agree of the poor of the mother of which them invented. Certain is that the lady not has it guilt of that them “guards lying” (or lying is question of tastes) us do it puñeta when circulate with our cars by certain areas of the city. These bands reducing of speed are annoying by the noises that cause and to the same time make that certain organs mechanical of importance of the car, as address and suspension suffer more than it has.

With them the authorities municipal want that the speed of certain streets is reduce of form sensitive, however according to a study made by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) could be behind part of the pollution of our cities. According to this body the pollution of the cities is increased by the use of these elements.

Guardia acostado Bandas reductoras

The reason that this organism is that reducing gangs forced drivers to reduce speed in a sensitive way and thus the consumption of engines varies more or less amount of fuel burning. In addition, other elements as them brakes also dismiss particles of metals heavy that arrive to the air and finally are inhaled by them pedestrians.

The solution they propose to regulate traffic effectively is the introduction of variable speed limits by light signals to eliminate these reducing bands of our streets. According to health experts the accelerations and decelerations of the cars cause more than 64 percent of the air pollution and if the solutions they propose are applied could be reduced substantially.

Is as is them guards lying never have been of the pleasure of anyone, but with this report could be punto of see them disappear from our streets. Hopefully be more early that afternoon.

Source-National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

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