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The Bugatti Veyron designer leaves BMW

As you read it in the title of this post. It Jozef Kabaň, one of the people most involved in the design of that for a long time was faster and more powerful in the world production car, just to be signed by the German manufacturer BMW. Before joining BMW, Jozef Kabaň, Slovak 44 years of age, was Chief Designer of Skoda, whose last work that has already come to light has been more than dream update of Skoda Octavia 2017.

As we have said, Kabaň will form part of the BMW design team, led by Designer Chief Adrian van Hooydonk. But this is not the only inclusion in the ranks of the design Department of the Bavarian brand. Domagoj Duke, of 41 years, takes on the manufacturer BMW Group since 2010, having work outside so flashy models and exclusive turn as the BMW i3 and BMW i8. Now he will lead the BMW designs i and BMW M.

BMW M4 DTM Champion Edition

Look forward to this strengthening of the design team of BMW Group.” Both Jozef Kabaň and Domagoj Dukec provide the experience, talent and vision that we need for the future direction of our design“, said Adrian van Hooydonk while announcing the two new additions to the brand.” With these movements of staff and the statements of the designer head we can make to the idea that there will be significant changes in the designs of BMW Group.

Jozef Kabaň replace Jarim Habib, who has recently dealt with the design of the new BMW X 7 and successors of the Z4 and 6 series, although aunque todavia still have not seen officially neither of the three vehicles. For his part, Skoda has not yet decided on who will be the successor of Jozef Kabaň and will deal with future models of the Czech firm.

We hope that both the two new additions to BMW, and the person entering the ranks of Skoda have luck in their new jobs and, above all, that they brighten us view with their next jobs.

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