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The Ferrari LaFerrari number 500 has reached a figure astronomical

Modo eléctrico de LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari. One of those brand cars from the prancing horse that will go down in history for being the car benefits and most advanced of the market at the time of its release, and thus we also remember other gems of the brand of Maranello Ferrari F40, the F50 and Enzo, to cite only some of the most recognized of the last decades.

In addition to the technology and them large advances to grant you a sportsmanship and performance out of it common, the Ferrari LaFerrari also is a car very exclusive, to the reach of very few buyers. Its production initial, for the version of body closed, was planned for only 499 units. After the terrible earthquake that shook the center of Italy to end of the month of August with more than 6 degrees, Ferrari decided to perform a unit more for auction it as a piece charitable and donate it raised to the peoples and families more affected.


In this way, Ferrari carried out the construction of the Ferrari LaFerrari number 500, keeping the same mechanical than other units benefits, although differing mainly by flag tricolore in the front. This unit came to auction this weekend (as already announced what I last week) in Florida. The price reached has been surprising, by multiplying by 5 the price original of the supercar Italian.

The hammer fell after 10 minutes of bids and a figure end of 7 million of dollars, i.e., more than 6.2 million of euros. Of this way, it unit 500 of the supercar hybrid of Ferrari is has developed in the unit of the LaFerrari more face sold in an auction and, also, in the car of the century 21ST by which more is has paid in an auction. We are pleased of that the car has reached such price, since thus the village Italian affected in August will have more resources economic for exit forward.

Source – Motor1

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