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The Ford Fiesta is made greater… Celebrating 40 years!

Ford Fiesta 40 aniversario

It was the year 1976 when the blue oval company throwing the market a model which, to this day, continues to make history, the Ford Fiesta. Three years before, and in the middle of the important oil crisis that shook the world during that time, Ford put hands to work to create a vehicle that would give customers the right and necessary, with a price and maintenance costs as contained as possible. And they hit the nail.

By that time, the Ford Fiesta was the model of production with the more contained dimensions of the history of the brand. To get all the requirements that the public demanded, in addition to make a car small, had that be agile, light and little powerful. If not, they would have to use large engines and fuel soar. At the end, the result was a model of little more than 700 kilos with 40 horses of power in its variant more austere.

Passed them years and the Ford party, already in following generations, although keeping its identity, gradually is made slightly greater as regards size outside, habitability inside and also improved their qualities, while got some mechanical more powerful without by this penalize in excess them consumption. Also would be versions sports, able of transmit sensations and fun to streams. Sport versions which came to have the name ST (Sport Technologies), which still remains.

With the seventh and current generation, the utility of the American firm used for the first time engines with supercharging to its more normal versions. We are talking about the tricilindricas EcoBoost engines, which so well are reaping, in addition to the 1.6 four-cylinder offered with the Fiesta ST and Fiesta ST200.

Note that the party has been of great help to the Spanish industry. And is that, of the more than 17 million of units produced in these 40 years, 5 million have been manufactured in the plant Spanish located in Almussafes, in Valencia.

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