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The Ford Mustang will no longer offer the engine V6 3.7 liter


Rumors had come on this news, and it seems that there is little so they are confirmed officially. El Ford Mustang will lose the V6 engine of 3.7 liters in a few years, specifically in 2018. However, when the American model arrived at the market, it surprised us that in the range two of these options almost will walk, as they had with nearby powers. The logic has now finished with this intermediate motor.

In the current range of the Ford Mustang will find access to the engine turbo four-cylinder and 2.3 litre has 314 horsepower. Behind him, followed by the mentioned V6 3.7 liter. Finally, we have the GT, variant version that has the powerful V8 5.0 engine liter with 418 CV. 2018 will get a facelift of the American sports, a restyling that will kill the V6 engine.


This will not affect us, as V6 engine of 3.7 litres is available in the U.S. and not ours. The two options that will continue to be, a priori are the two that are offered in Spain. The main reason that mark remove the mechanics of six cylinders in V is offering with its 300 horsepower sensations over which leaves the 314-HP four-cylinder. It is more, the latter has better consumption, so balance opts drastically.

The only reason that the company offer the V6 in the range is due to the passion that the Americans have by large engines. Although still present V8 5.0 liters and a more rational choice as it is 2.3 Ecoboost, the V6 has been forgotten for buyers for what will end up disappearing.

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