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The Hyundai i30 released prices for the market Spanish

Hyundai i30 2017

He Hyundai i30 is has developed in a real super sales for the firm South Korean. The Compact has managed to reinvent itself generation after generation for approaching the likes of European customers and to become one of the best sellers in Europe. The importance of this model in the catalogue of the manufacturer are such that their updates are carried out every so often and that is what more is doing to improve the model.

The new generation continues to maintain intact the main strengths that made him successful in the previous iteration, but reinforces now much better the weak. The exterior design and interior of the model it has “germanized” (so to speak in any way, although it’s not bad) and its lines are now more attractive. Your safety equipment and technology, now, not afraid that they are rivals and its mechanical range stands for variety and technology at the best segment.

Hyundai i30 2017

As it has communicated the brand, the first deliveries of the model will begin during these first months of the year. However, to go urging customers who may be interested in acquiring the brand model already have presented their price list. The model continues taking its range structured in three finished (of less to more, Klass, techno and Style), two mechanical of gasoline and a diesel (same cylinder capacity and different power) and two types of boxes of changes (manual and automatic of double clutch with six relations).

Prices that Hyundai has recommended the new i30 to market Spanish (without applying any discounts and promotions that are made every month) They are the following:

Engine Finish Price
Engine Finish Price
1.0 t-GDi 120 CV Klass €14.900
1.0 t-GDi 120 CV Techno 17.625 €
1.4 t-GDi 140 CV Techno 18.425 €
1.4 t-GDi 140 CV DCT Techno 20.100 €
1.4 t-GDi 140 CV Style 20.375 €
1.4 t-GDi 140 HP DCT Style €22.050
1.6 CRDI 95 HP Klass 15,950 €
1.6 CRDI 110 HP Klass 15,950 €
1.6 CRDI 110 HP Techno €18.675
1.6 CRDI 110 HP DCT Techno 20.350 €
1.6 CRDI 136 HP Style 21.425 €
1.6 CRDI 136 CV DCT Style 23.100 €

From actualidadmotor.com you want much luck to the i30, because now rather than never is a model to fear by the roosters of the segment compact.


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