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The Kia Soul 2017 arrives to Spain with arguments refreshed

Kia Soul 2017

The Kia Soul is one of those models more controversial and while different that has in its portfolio the manufacturer of cars South Korean. The first generation of this small SUV-minivan urban became rather without penalty or glory by Spain but after a time away of them lists of sales Kia decided to launch its second generation. This respect to it first polished many of them details that was that not convinced and after a time in the market just of get a small washing of face for update its image and refresh you facing the competition.

The new Soul Debuts the design that the brand already presented in the last room of the car of Paris. If we focus on its exterior design brand has refined his optical groups adding led daytime driving lights. In the part low of the front found some headlights fog again minted along with a grill and bumper with minor tweaks. If spent to the part back in she found ones pilots rear again minted and changes in the lines of his bumper. Tops the joint new designs for their rims of alloy and new shades for the body.

Kia Soul 2017

Passing to its inside the change that has experienced concerning the Soul that is was selling up to now is minimum. Improved the quality of the materials that are more to the view and some controls. The rest of the interior of the Soul stays without large variations appearing as a very technological car and quite determined in terms of ergonomics and technology on board.

Kia Soul 2017

If talk of its range of mechanical them things are kept more or less as until now. If talk of diesel the Soul maintains the previous block 1.6 CRDI with 136 cv attached to a box of changes manual of 6 speeds. If talk of gasoline the brand keeps the previous block 1.6 GDI with 132 cv of power and adds the new 1.6 TGDI with 204 cv. Both mechanical, as well as the diesel, are associated with a manual gearbox with 6-speed or an automatic DCT with dual-clutch seven-speed dedicated exclusively to the more powerful version TGDI.

The range of the Kia Soul in Spain will continue turning on four levels of finished called by the brand (of less to more staffing) Concept, Drive, Emotion and Sport. For end must mention that the range of prices will oscillate between them 18.125 euros of the 1.6 GDI 132 cv Concept (manual) to the 26.625 euros of the 1.6 CRDI 136 cv Emotion 7DCT. The version 1.6 TGDI with 204 HP and finish Sport is located in them 25,500 euros.


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