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The Mercedes-AMG GT R shatters the record of Bathurst (video)

Mercedes-AMG GT-R

Early last summer of 2016, Mercedes-AMG GT, the GT-R AMG we knew a new Member in the family. It is the version that further benefits gives the AMG GT range, and during his presentation, was dubbed “the beast of the Green hell”. Its color green “Green Hell Magno” we did glimpse that of truth was in serious.

Not les was missing or a pinch of reason to those guys from Mercedes-AMG. Shortly after his presentation we confirmed a time of only 7 minutes, 10 seconds and 9 tenths in the old layout of Nürburgring, leaving behind the Porsche 918 Spyder, but ahead of Supercars such as the Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition or 488 GTB Ferrari.

Seems to be that the supercar German not only is operates with ease in the hell green, since now have known (and seen with the video higher) that the circuit of Bathurst, in new Wales of the South (Australia) has been its last dam. There he managed to stop the clock for a lap in 2 minutes, 16 seconds and 5 tenths, or what is the same, has lowered the previous record, which was in possession of the AMG GT S, at 9 seconds. This converts to the Mercedes-AMG GT R in the car’s production more quickly that there has rolled.

Bernd Schenider, official pilot of Mercedes, was who was at the controls of this “Hulk” with V8 engine. The GT-R Mercedes-AMG has under its front hood a 4 liter V8 biturbo that you delivery 585 HP and 700 Nm. This performance, along with an studied aerodynamics and lightness of the whole, which is coded in a 1,555 kgweight, allow you to carry out the 0 to 100 km/h in 3.6 seconds, and can reach a maximum speed of 318 km/h. In the video it does not reach such top speed, but if it exceeds 300 km/h. Also have helped the active suspension and axle rear directional.

Mercedes-AMG GT-R

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