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The new Suzuki Swift Sport could be extremely lightweight, only 870 kilos!

Suzuki Swift Sport 2017

In just a few days will witness the presentation of the New Suzuki Swift, which we already know many details. But if you’re a lover of sports compact and urbanites, sure you take time asking you for the Suzuki Swift Sport. For years, it is one of the affordable sports most desired and admired, something which, of course, we do not want to change.

Several weeks ago we hunt a test Mule for Spanish roads of the future Suzuki Swift Sport. The fact is that Japan has not yet decided to close this version sports brand that have wanted so much to see and taste, but some rumors imply that you use an engine with supercharging and the car will be very light.

Suzuki Swift Sport 2017

According to a so-called “a member of Suzuki” statements to our colleagues from CarThrottle, the Suzuki Swift Sport future it will lower its weight in nothing less than 175 pounds, so the model would weigh only 870 kilos. In the absence of official confirmation of the brand, we can not say it. The case is that such reduction of weight, even more so coming from a car already itself is pretty light, us hits enough. If true, lightening carried out would be worthy of admiration.

This contents weight must do so, even more, a toy to have fun on twisty roads. In theory, it will be more nimble in the changes of support, more direct, faster acceleration, faster in braking, which is summarized in more fun and effective.

Meanwhile, long ago we discussed that the Suzuki Swift Sport could resort to a turbo 1.4 engine used by the Suzuki Vitara, developing a 140 HP approximately. While the purists would prefer a normally aspirated engine, the combination of 140 HP and only 870 kilos Gets a power/weight of about 160 HP/tonne ratio; or what is the same 5.43 kg / HP. Not bad.

Source – CarThrottle

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