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The next Fiat 500 could ride a hybrid engine to get rid of diesel

Fiat 500S 2016 vista frontal

It seems impossible, but a decade ago that became the latest generation of the Fiat 500 to our lives. The urban small of the Italian House became a mass phenomenon in a short time and with minimum changes has reached our days. However, managers of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) know that generational must give and are working on it.

It is a matter of months (or a year) that will present officially the second generation of this model. On an aesthetic level, we know that you can not suffer many changes because they must keep the essence of the current model if they want to continue succeeding with him. However, under the front hood if that will come changes since the strict regulatory anti pollution shall bring into a brete manufacturers of cars.

Fiat 500S 2016 vista trasera

As we have learned, Sergio Marchionne said that the next generation of the Fiat 500 will have a “Mild Hybrid System” system. With it, hope Park forever 1.3 diesel motorization MultiJet with 95 HP that has the current generation. Get this system, emissions and consumption of small Italian car would fall to lowest levels and it could even improve your sales if customers see in it an ally for big cities.

This hybrid system would have a support with 48 volt electric scheme and help blocks gasoline at the moment in that driver demand more power. This soft hybridization that shows 500 could also reach the Panda, as sharing platform and mechanical parts it would be not unreasonable. With him, they would save on development costs and simultaneously improve the data consumption of both models.

The reason given by Sergio Marchionne to bet on this technology is that being both models of small dimensions, use a traditional hybrid engine would increase its cost. However, for the other models of the range that looks like good alternative start walking in this direction. Therefore, Fiat Chrysler Automóbiles engineers would be already working on the development of propellants of this typology.

We will have to wait until the year 2019 to meet the next generation of the 500, but all indications are that it will continue to maintain the elements that have turned him into a bestseller.

Source – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)

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