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The next generation of the Nissan Leaf will arrive in September

Nissan IDS Concept

The Nissan Leaf has been (within its reduced scope of broadcasting) a real success, it undoubtedly. The best-selling electric car in the world (more than 250,000 units worldwide) takes a while in the market, like everything in this life needs to be renewed if you want not to be surpassed by rivals. In the Japanese house they know can not asleep in the laurels, because in a matter of months will come new rivals that will complicate it things. The hardest in Europe will be the second generation of the Opel Ampera (renamed as e) and technical characteristics can give you more than one headache.

In other markets world you must fight the Tesla Model 3 and Chevrolet Bolt (twin brother of the Opel Ampera-e). All these models offer better data autonomy and a design that leaves behind the Japanese car. For this reason, we have already known that Nissan engineers are working at a high pace for the second generation of the Leaf list for before we take the grapes. This news makes us think that the project is at a fairly advanced stage and that Nissan was waiting for the best time to launch it.

Nissan IDS Concept

By words of Tim Gallagher, senior director of electric vehicles from Nissan, You have known that the Leaf’s second generation will be presented officially in the month of September. After this event, which will be revealed to everyone, your sales will start before the end of this year. Given these facts, the place chosen to make the presentation should be The Frankfurt auto show, as it is performed at the beginning of September.

The Tokyo Motor Show will be held also in the same month, but if sales want to begin before the end of 2017, deadlines would be much tighter and delays could occur. Another fact that reinforces its public presentation in the German quotation is that is the main market for the Nissan Leaf in Europe, as governments offer high incentives for the purchase of vehicles of this type and the Japanese car is that most benefits. Whatever it was, the United States and Japan are also among its charters more important and therefore sales in these countries could occur in the second quarter of 2018.

In terms of its design and technical details we know very little. The design will be very similar to that showed Nissan IDS Concept of a couple of years ago. Its lines are very bold and could attract many more customers that currently attracts the Leaf. In terms of its platform and driver, will be the same that uses Renault Zoe’s next generation and should have a range between charges exceeding the 400 km.

Soon there will be more news.

Source – Nissan

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