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The project BMW M2 GTS already would have light green


The sportier option series 2 of BMW, the M2, has been on the market some months. The M more accessible of the division sports of the brand German is all a toy, and is that in a body Compact have mounted a motor of 370 horses of power that it catapult in each curve. As well, for some this is not enough and already expected to get an even more radical version. It would be in BMW M2 GTS, though you could also insert is CSL, and would arrive to continue celebrating the centenary of the company.

As you had, the BMW M2 turns to a drive of six cylinders in line with 3.0 liters and 370 horses of power. The compact sports has 465 Nm of torque and is capable of accelerating from 0 – 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds with the manual six-speed gearbox. With a total weight which is less than the 1,600 kg. It has become one of the most interesting market choices if we want large sports sensations and we can not access the M4 BMW, Mercedes C63 AMG and company.

BMW M2 precio España

To end of 2015, my colleague Mario Nogales you spoke of this possible new version of the M2. Then, oscontabamos that the BMW M2 GTS could for all those guests who want an even more powerful and radical M2. After a few months without talking about it we get information that the brand would have given the green light to the project and who would arrive to continue celebrating the 100 years of the brand of blades. A gift that we would already like to huh?

Time know that the BMW M2 GTS would mount the same mechanics of six cylinders and 3.0 litres but developing 400 horsepower. The body of the sports would reduce his weight total, removing of the interior between others elements, them squares rear. You will have less insulation and greater performance braking in addition to some aesthetic enhancements that we can differentiate this version.

Source – Autoexpress

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