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The Tesla Model X triumphs in Norway, has been second in sales in September

Tesla Model X

The Nordic countries have a car culture completely different from which you can find here in Spain. The triumph of them vehicles electrical there, makes that is den situations quite curious as this that have seen in Norway. Analyzing the data of sales in this country during the month of September, we find in second position behind the Volkswagen Golf and the Tesla Model X with 600 units sold.

This valuable data helps us to realize and appreciate there when the electrical, and that we are not talking about a model exactly cheap. The Model X began marketing in Norway in June, when eight units were sold. 23 units were reached in July and in August he jumped to 168 units. We see a very high rise in sales for a model that carries just four months on the market.

Tesla Model X

So follow the steps of the Tesla Model S, which was also among the best sellers in Norway some time ago. But now it seems that the SUV is eating potatoes to the S Model, whose sales fell to 406 units in September and speaks of a decrease in demand of this model of 50%. Even so, the American brand you will have much prominence in Norway in sales per quarter.

Specifically in the third quarter it sold 1,252 units of Tesla, a 120% more that makes a year. The launch of the Tesla Model X makes it clear that it will open a range of opportunities in several countries. In Norway overwhelms others like the BMW i3 which sold 581 units in September or the Nissan LEAF with 199 units. The success it is having and its tremendous rise only leaves one question: will be able to unseat the Golf and become the number one?

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