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There are more cars than scrapping for lowering the age of our park

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Spain is one of the European countries with the oldest car park. According to experts, by 2020 the 65 percent of cars travelling in our country will have more than ten years. This figure is already alarming both for safety (being better than the of ten years) as by pollution are talking about a serious problem for our cities and roads.

According to the Federation of associations of dealers of automotive (Faconauto) It should stop the aging of the Spanish Park. If this would reduce traffic accidents and pollutant emissions. In addition, the country’s economy would improve that to sell more vehicles, the coffers of the State raising more money in taxes.

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The idea proposed by Faconauto is that the Government of the country is put into operation a new plan for scrapping older vehicles. In addition, since the Association of dealers, they also ask for than a plan with expiration date, because it would only work to take down to a small part of the Spanish car park.

This problem arises before the stagnation that are suffering the sales of cars in the private channel. The old Plan PIVE was very important for families needing to change car had some money for your vehicle and freed dealers charged with repurchase of that vehicle. With its completion, it seemed that the market would continue with its tendency, however seems to not be so and is a matter of time that enrollment to suffer a setback the incertitude that Spanish families live.

While the Government of the country decide to act or not, Faconauto is it has recalled that the automotive industry contributes to the coffers of the State almost 10 per cent of their income. Therefore expect that not them harm not attending their demands for boost to one of the sectors economic more important of the country.

Source – Faconauto

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