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There will be a new Tesla Roadster, but we have to wait

Tesla Roadster batería

The first car from Tesla was the Tesla Roadster, having been born almost a decade ago. It was a sporty two-seater and convertible that I took based on the Lotus Elise, model that shared many elements, but also incorporated technology and on its own development cycle. Its electric motor, powered by lithium-ion batteries, was able to develop 292 HP, with a decent enough autonomy for the time of 340 kilometres. That Yes, the price was of almost 100,000 euros.

This model disappeared from the market makes already some years. While ago few months there were some rumors about a new Tesla Roadster, the electric car company did not want to declare anything about it, until a few days ago. Elon Musk was asked through the Twitter social network on this issue, to surprise him responding to the user that “within a few years, but“. In this way, is confirmed that we will see a new Tesla Roadster.

Tesla Roadster 3.0 actualización baterías

Since Tesla launched its first Roadster already many years have passed and the company has been very strong in all this time. Therefore, that probably the company’s electric vehicles do not need to ally with any other manufacturer to develop its model, being able to use any of its own platforms, which suits the vehicle wishing to develop.

Thus, you can develop a design more similar to current Tesla identity image, both outside and inside. On the other hand, the new Roadster should exceed considerably its predecessor if we talk about benefits. The latest products of the brand performance figures are very high, with high powers, as well as an very extensive autonomy. We can not venture to say any launch date, but it is almost certain that we don’t see it in marketing until the next decade.

Source – Twitter

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