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This immaculate Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 can be yours

Ford Sierra

If you’ve always fallen in love with the Ford Cosworth this versions State is your opportunity, as it will go on auction in the next few days a pristine Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500. The unit in concrete is of 1987 and is expected to raise by her between 70,000 and 81,000 euros. The House that held the auction is Classic Car Auctions, a House created by specialists of Silverstone Auctions, another of the big auction houses.

Of this version so special only is created 500 units, from there its high price. Of equal way is important mention that the unit has State guarded its almost 30 years of life under some measures of maintenance exquisite, and is that has asleep in garages air-conditioned of United Kingdom or United States. The State of conservation of the model is excellent also as only has tour 19,000 kilometers.

Ford Sierra

Although, the first owner of this Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 bought it in 1987. Shortly thereafter, in 1988, it was bought with only 3,000 kilometers by which is still the owner. Years later, the owner of the model had to be moved to the United States, although he said let her pretty RS500 safely stored in protected and air-conditioned facilities.

The same owner of the Ford Sierra Cosworth RS500 moved the model to the United States, but due to the strict regulations of import of American country was the owner impossible to homologate it to be able to travel with him. So no wonder us with an amount so low km. The House that held the auction is Classic Car Auctions and expected a revenue of between 70,000 to 81,000 euros.

Ford Sierra
Ford Sierra
Ford Sierra

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