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This invention could mean the end of the long persecution police

Fin a las largas persecuciones

Always be has said that “the vehicle” of them bodies of security more quickly is the radio. By very fast that is a car or a motorcycle police, the radio allows organize retentions in the traffic, perform locks with others vehicles police to them “thieves” and find them easily well with vehicles land or of form air with helicopter, between other many things. However, there are still occasions where car chasesoccur.

By luck never I have seen involved in this situation, or chasing or fleeing, except in some video game. The case is that a persecution is an of them situations more dangerous in that is can see wrapped an agent of the authority. Do not know to what extent will risk the car which you are persecuting, it will try to throw you on the road to have free rein, whether nerves will play a trick and you end up crashing against any civilian innocent. It is therefore important to make the Chase last as little as possible.

Maneuvers evasive driving or the spikes on the road are some of the solutions most known by all of us, especially for the movies. However, are unsafe methods since they can end up causing an accident in which are involved several vehicles. In fact, it is said that 40% of the police chases in United States ends with an accident. However, this invention seems quite effective, not you think?

This invention, called Grappler Police, that just of know in the video seems infinitely more secure that those methods common. The vehicle police “only” must approach is to the car that pursued. When the element in form of “and” plays with her wheel rear of the car pursued, them belts seize and block by full the pneumatic rear. The car patrol stop and in this way freeze by full to the vehicle pursued.

Apparently there are two variants. In an of them them tapes that block the wheel remain United also to the bodywork of the car patrol, while in the other version is free. Depending on the speed at which is to circulate, can be more effective a u another. In the event that the speed is high, the vehicle pursued could trompear abruptly to the block its wheel, by what if is attached to the car police, the persecution could end with both vehicles losing completely the control.

In any case, seems that this method could be effective and more secure that the technical common. However, a persecution always is dangerous and, with this system, should approach is too much to the vehicle that flees from the authority.


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