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This Toyota GT86 multiplied by 9 the power of origin (video)

Dragster Toyota GT86 de 1.800 CV

The Toyota GT86 is one of those sports that draw attention and that, despite not being more potent coupés, manages to raise the expectations and desires of fans of the sport. Yesterday same you showed the new edition special of the model Japanese that would come to your market natal, the Toyota GT86 Solar Orange. The Variant that knew yesterday little has that see with the unit that you will see in the video that leave some lines more down.

The protagonist of these lines unit has little to do with a Toyota GT86 of stock, and is that develops no less than 1,800 HP, i.e., a power to multiply by 9 the 200 HP the Japanese sport comes standard. It has been prepared for acceleration racing, known on the scene as a “Drag”, and just to see how you are booting stood and moved away is impressive.

According to Autoevolution and them information that is displayed in the video earlier, this dragster has been built in Australia, taking as base the propeller of six cylinders of a Toyota Land Cruiser, although with a great number of elements specific and modifications to get them 1,800 CV to full performance. Turbo, components of the engine, transmission, electronic materials and of course, wheels and bodywork have been modified so that, in addition to reaching such power, it will not disintegrates in the first test of acceleration.

With their 1,312 kilos of weight, this particular Toyota GT86 is capable of touring the quarter of mile in 7,29 seconds, arriving at the end of the tour to a speed of 197 miles by hour, i.e., 316 km / h. It more surprising is that the person to the charge of this spectacular dragster wants that its GT86 some day lower of them 6 seconds in the quarter of mile. Must give much fear be sitting inside this beast and feel as your bodies want out of your body through your back.


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