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Thus a Bentley Continental Supersports convertible would be

render de X-Tomi Design del Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible

Seems that it crisis economic that is shaking us several years not has affected to all the world, passing unnoticed for them rich; but the rich of truth, not that only believed it. You have also noticed in billionaires, models such as the Bentley Continental Supersports which we presented only a few days ago would not appear in our publication because directly they would not exist.

Already mentioned it last week that the Bentley Continental Supersports was a model very benefits that, despite their skills sports, kept all its luxury and comfort. Under the hood is a Twin-Turbo W12 engine which is capable of generating 710 HP and a torque of 1,017 Nm. All this potential is transmitted to all four wheels before passing through an automatic transmission. Configuration of the chassis, suspensions and brakes have a implementation to specific for this variant sports.

As already know, this model is a four squares and his body is coupe. X-Tomi Design has taken very little time to use your image-editing programs to let us see how would be this authentic British sport with a convertible body. The result is hardly improved, leaving an aesthetic more appealing, if fits, that it of the own Continental Supersports of which takes its base.

Is difficult that it marks British is lance to commercialize a Bentley Continental Supersports Convertible as this that has designed X-Tomi Design, but not is nothing impossible. Indeed, is sees as well the image made by the designer that probably would be an option interesting for those wealthy that seek in a same car high luxury and comfort, Sportiness and body convertible.

The model recently presented by Bentley is about to them 3 tons, by which a Variant convertible surely would overcome that weight. Them performance is would be slightly worsened, but with 710 CV under the foot right few people will complain of lack of response.

Source-X-Tomi Design

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