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Thus it has stamped this Honda CR-v against the roof of a house in China (video)

Honda CR-V accidente

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, it is long overdue. Would you be able to tell how an accident happened and how rugged vehicle ended up in the roof of a house in 1000 words? In this case, the video just minute and a half facilitate everyone, and lot, understood as a Honda CR -v has finished at the top of a House in the Chinese city of Taizhou. Yes, the roof, literally.

The Japanese brand SUV flew, but not by any wooded. The truth is that, although the Honda CR-v protagonist of this video, left literally in the air, did not lack rise many meters to finish in the roof of the House. A House which, unfortunately, ended up with serious damage. At least, nobody was injured, and everything was a shock. Play it and you’ll understand why it was there above.

Everything was captured on a security camera and the local press went immediately to the event. The driver of the damaged vehicle was circulating with your Honda CR-v a road when it encountered a three-wheeled vehicle circulating much slower. He wanted to avoid the accident, but stepped on the accelerator instead of the brake pedal while doing an evasive maneuver. This led to the loss of control and the output of the road.

Catapulted it a curb at the edge of the road, “landing” Finally on the roof of the House. As we see in the pictures, the House that ends up crashing is at a height lower than the of the road, what did it crashed against the roof and not the facade. The driver stated to police that moving at a speed of 70 km/h. Good scare would be the man who, by the way, had to wait to assist to down his car through a wooden staircase.

At least in Spain, luckily, is increasingly less common to have to travel on dangerous crossings in towns thanks to the highways.

Source – Carscoops

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