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To auction one of the few Lamborghini Reventon produced

Lamborghini Reventon a subasta

I am sure that mind none of us own a Lamborghinimodel, be able to keep it and, of course, be able to enjoy driving it every Sunday. Any model from Lamborghini is object of desire for the world of motoring enthusiasts, but if we had to choose, surely us decantaríamos by some exclusive car brand of Sant’Agata Bolognese, such as the Lamborghini Reventon that we see in the pictures.

The signature Italian of Supercars presented the Lamborghini Reventon in the lounge of Frankfurt of 2007 and only be manufactured 20 units. Only two years later appeared a convertible variant, the Reventon Roadster, which occur 15 units. On the basis of the “suicide” Murciélago LP640, raise its power to 650 HP in the closed body Reventon and 670 CV for the Roadster; Intuit that to compensate for the extra’s weight.

Lamborghini Reventon a subasta

Well, the unit that we show is the number 3 of the 20 produced and it will go on auction on January 19 in Arizona, the event organized by RM Sotheby’s, where he also will seek owner Ferrari F50, which we presented only a few hours ago. While this Reventon has had four owners and was produced makes eight years, its marker us indicates that has traveled 1,600 kilometers; i.e., it is practically brand new.

Money hoping to get by this unit is not anything crazy, at least if we consider the 1.1 million euros (excluding tax) it cost at the time of sale. According to the auction company, expect a similar to the of his marketing value originatesl. probably with the passage of time its price rises considerably, so now may be a good opportunity for those who invest in exclusive luxury vehicles; Although I wish who it buy it use to devour the asphalt.

Lamborghini Reventon a subasta

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