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To auction the first Porsche 911 Cabrio, how much you pay for it?

Porsche 901 Cabrio

Porsche would show, in the Hall of the automobile of Frankfurt in 1963, the Porsche 901. This model came for happen to the first vehicle of the brand of Ferdinand Porsche, the Porsche 356, but as it most of you know, Peugeot pressed so the marks of Stuttgart had that rename to the 901, since that designation was used in a model of the brand of the leon. In this way, shortly after was born the famous Porsche 911.

It says that in those dates, in 1963, the famous bodywork Karmann produced thirteen units prototype of the Porsche 901, of which today only would keep with life two. An of them would be this Porsche 911 Cabrio (or 901 Cabrio) that we see in the pictures. Is is of one of the Porsche 911 more old that still continue with life and, obviously, the first 911 Cabrio that has seen the world.

Porsche 901 Cabrio

Until 1982 the brand not comercializar√≠a a 911 Cabrio in series. This unit, with number of chassis 13360, was used by the signature car for have a basis in the development of the 911 Targa, that would come to marketing in 1967. Said vehicle will be auctioned at the beginning of February of 2017 in Paris, by the House of auctions RM Sotheby’s.

Exclusivity and history that comes after Yes special model that we see in images makes their selling price is not economical, although not surprised especially seeing figures that tend to be. According to the company of auctions, estimate that is sold for a price of between 850,000 and 1 million of euros.

Porsche 901 Cabrio

Mechanical features with the same heart that the first Porsche 911. A 2 l engine and 6-cylinder horizontal and opposite is hidden under the hood back, between the end of the body and the rear axle. Its power is of 130 CV, that although not can seem much, you allowed overcome them 200 km / h in the years 60, figures of infarction for that time.

Source-RM Sotheby’s

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