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Toyota injects 240 million pounds in its English factory in Derbyshire

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United Kingdom keep walking towards the total Disconnect with the European Union. This happens while the car brands that are on English soil do not know very well what to do. If the country is expelled from trade agreements and remain his boldness could pay very expensive, but if on the contrary finally find a solution to the trade dispute also could lose money by having amended its industrial strategy with so quickly.

Whatever they do it remains to be seen if it goes well or if on the contrary it goes wrong. However, some brands like Toyota have decided to invest in the plant which has in the country if things go well not stay far behind in competitiveness. As it is logical not is the largest investment that has made the Japanese firm in the plant in Burnaston (Derbyshire), but if mark a turning point in what might happen.

According to Toyota, it has reported they have earmarked for the plant in Burnaston (Derbyshire) 240 million of pounds. With this investment, they want to adapt the production lines to the new modular platform of the brand, XD. In addition, part of this money will be aimed at improving the efficiency of the factory, to reduce its environmental impact.

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Currently out of Burnastor Toyota Auris and Avensis and around 180,000 vehicles were produced last year. However, as the brand go renewing its range of models and are manufactured on the xD platform they will have to modify their production line. As an example, they have the current Prius and C-HR already manufactured on the same platform allowing Toyota to significantly save on production costs.

According to Dr. Johan Van Zyl, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Europe we are very focused on ensuring the competitiveness of our European plants. The deployment of the manufacturing capacity of the xD platform is part of this plan. This update of Burnaston is a sign of confidence in our employees and suppliers and its focus on higher quality and greater efficiency”.

It remains to be seen if the plans to make more competitive to its English factory go you well to Toyota. The Brexit represents a major uncertainty in the automotive industry and the Japanese firm could be affected seriously if the separation of the European Union take the most negative way.

Source – Toyota

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