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Toyota Kirobo Mini, is the ideal co-driver according to Toyota

Toyota Kirobo

Driving is a task that requires quietnessand concentration. Although it seems that no, the mind must be implementation where applicable and appropriate place is the highway, traffic regulations and other cars. So many times it is necessary that we have a right to our vera person. Copilot is a very important figure to help while we drive, and more if they are some distance.

Without however not all copilots are as good as would like drivers. Without going any further, mine will fall asleep at the first opportunity, and only seem to frown when the road writhes and their heads are changing of place without them it can be remedied. As well, thanks to Toyota and its small Kirobo I will be able to replace all my copilots and go routes with him.

Toyota Kirobo

Toyota Kirobo is a small robot of about ten centimeters high with a coherent conversation can engage. The Japanese brand has developed this little robot thinking of creating an Assistant accompanying drivers in their long-haul trips. Do this Kirobo explores the emotions of the driver using this information to move the hands and head while creates an emotional connection with the driver.

Your marketing will begin in the official dealers of Toyota in Japan. Come to beginning of the next year and will begin his career as an experience pilot. Once overcome this learning process will begin its sale on a massive scale at a price of 350 euros. Once complete its process of commercialization in the country of the rising sun will give the jump to other continents and countries.

Thanks to Kirobo and its artificial intelligence system move forward much in autonomous driving. In addition it will help drivers feel more at ease while driving to their destinations. We hope that he will triumph because qualities, price and cuteness on you.

Source – Toyota

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