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Toyota Motor has already sold more than 10 million hybrids worldwide

Toyota Prius 2017

The evolution suffered from cars in the latter part of the last century has been much more pronounced that which have lived throughout its history. One of the major milestones was that Toyota Motor launch to the market of mass the first hybrid in the world. However in the Japanese firm not stayed on its hands and decided to continue to make history by improving this technology to make it more economical and accessible to the masses.

As we all know its great technological exponent has been the Prius, but after he have survived many more. In addition also must bear in mind that Lexus, firm Toyota premium, it has decided to abandon the cycle diesel mechanics and focus its efforts on the hybrid type. With all these days there has been a fact that twenty years ago the Japanese company executives not could have imagined and is that has already sold more than ten million hybrid vehicles from Toyota to the length and breadth of the world.

Lexus LS 500h

Its hybrid product portfolio has grown year by year and today offers up to 34 different hybrid vehicles which are sold in more than 90 countries of the world. As exponents of Toyota hybrid technology have more rational to the Prius partly and More emotional Lexus LC 500 h. However half of both include the first compact hybrid of history, the Auris or the urban Yaris.

As data highlights should be mentioned that in April of last year Toyota has managed to sell more than 9 million of cars hybrids in the world. Therefore in less than a year it has been able to sell more than one million of these types of cars making it increasingly form an important part of their world sales mix. In addition, and as he guided the preservation of the environment must be said that during the twenty years that have sold Toyota´s hybrids have stopped issuing about 77 million tons of pollutants into the atmosphere and some 29 billion liters of fuel are saved.

Congratulations Toyota, by another ten million of hybrid cars in a very short time.

Source – Toyota engine

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