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Toyota will have its first electric car in large volume in 2020

Prueba Toyota Prius

If there is any brand automotive landmark in the production of hybrid vehicles, that is Toyota. To end of the last century the company Japanese is pulled to the pool with the launch of the Toyota Prius; a vehicle that, as at present, combining an internal combustion engine’s gasoline with other electric. Now, good part of their models is offered with mechanical hybrid of this type, however could give a twist to your political and launch to the market soon a vehicle completely electric.

So it says the average Japanese Nikkei, where in an article say that the company will offer its first vehicle electric of great volume of sales in the year 2020. This same publication has that Toyota has the objective of creating, in 2017, a group of work internal centered exclusively in the study and development of cars fully electric. Apparently, the first model that would arrive in 2020 would present an autonomia superior to 300 kilometers with a single recharge, taking as base the platform of the Toyota Prius.

Toyota Mirai producción

As said, Toyota is the greater power for vehicles hybrid is concerns, although also maintains a strong to put with it “battery of fuel“, being the best test physical the Toyota Mirai. However, to day of today the Mirai no is a car whose use is to the scope of any person, both by its high price of acquisition as by the lack of infrastructure.

Perhaps is by this that Toyota is may be considering the development a vehicle 100% electric of great production. The most of manufacturers is decanted by the option to medium term of the propulsion completely electric and, although are years so is an offer completely viable at the time of cover all them needs that the society claims today, afternoon or early will arrive. If Toyota will remain “stagnant” with their now very effective vehicles hybrid, in the future is would be back, something that them could pass invoice to long term.

Of this mode, not us be surprised that this information out some and that of here to some years Toyota marketed cars 100% electric. Meanwhile, the company car Japanese still not is has pronounced to the respect.


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