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Über fails its autonomous cars lead single distances

Volvo XC90 autónomo Uber

The arrival of autonomous über car, always according to the American firm, will occur for before 2020. They have long been performing the tests necessary to point the technology that they will include their cars and it seemed that it had everything under control. Obviously we must not ignore the problems that have been with California authorities and the complaint that has brought Google by having appropriate part of its technology because of a former worker.

However, it seems that to über things you are compounding you because is that their autonomous cars are not as autonomous as they believed. According to Recode fleet autonomous cars of the American firm is having problems to perform validation tests that allow them to put on the market its autonomous car service. In addition, this problem would be taken in Pennsylvania, Arizona and California being thus an endemic problem of technology mounted vehicles and not engineers that go with them.

Uber Ford Fusión autónomo

Apparently during the week they are conducted more than 20 thousand miles of driving. The problem comes in that along this distance the cars need development engineers to intervene more often in the press to correct his driving. According to unravel Recode, pilots may not move more than one mile without cars require your help to not leave the road, correct the path or even avoid an accident.

Uber has been reported that this intervention does not imply that its cars are unsafe or that may not move autonomously along highways. They blame this need for intervention via may have badly painted lines or navigation systems can be wrong. However, they do not deny that they are working against the clock so that these problems do not complicate them existence in terms of before anyone else to launch his autonomous car.

It remains to be seen if Uber is capable of solving these problems and if time and your accounts don’t end with their ambitions. For now everything is in hand of its engineers and product developers. There will be more news in a short time, we are sure of that.

Source – Recode

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