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Über for his activity in Italy for unfair competition

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Über business continues to create controversy where he spends. In the United States are continuing with tests of its autonomous cars after the accident that took one of the Volvo XC90 in fleet. At the judicial level continues his dispute with Google for the case of industrial espionage against the internet search engine. In addition, if all this wasn’t enough, half of the associations of taxi drivers and the transport of half the world professionals are against them.

In United States and Mexico it seems that things are going better, but in Europe not just lift its head. In Spain already had problems and had to close, and such as them is being the panorama, we will see what happens with other eurozone countries. According to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, the Justice of the country has dealt another heavy blow to its business and until they solve the problem they can not resume operations.

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Apparently, the associations of taxi drivers in the country had risen against Uber and passenger transport service. According to the lawsuit brought by this collective, the functioning of a über and its service to book vehicles represents unfair competition since they are not on equal footing to taxi drivers. In addition, they are against that firm provide clients the possibility of choosing the type of service or vehicle that can collect them because it makes them more attractive than taxis.

However, the Italian judiciary has ruled that “unfair competitive conduct launched in the Italian territory of Uber, inhibits not regular parts of the public transport service by using the Uber application or similar applications Lux, super-SUV, X-Uber, Uber-XL, Select Uber, Uber-Van. The placement of these applications on the Italian territory and carry out promotion and publication of these services throughout the country it is not just.”

Wind the judicial decision seems that passenger transport company has it complicated. However, the Court has been granted within 10 days (something logical and normal) for appeals to this situation as well as alternative solutions to this problem. If this time do not reach a satisfactory agreement for both parties the company will be fined at the rate of 10 thousand euros per day until an agreement is reached.

Source – Corriere della Sera

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