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Volkswagen Arteon, the new model that will be a sportier option to the Passat

Volkswagen Arteon

Volkswagen Arteon was the name chosen for the next model of the German mark. This will be a ‘fastback’ of four doors, as we can see in the sketch, a sedan style coupé. Just last week we were talking about the end of production of the Volkswagen CC and although the Germans did not want to say that this is his replacement, it will it occupy a similar place in the range. Above the Volkswagen Passat, being a sportier option

The name Arteon comes from the words Art (art in English) and Eon (termination for high-end brand vehicles). Thanks to this suffix will be easier to relate with the Volkswagen Phideon that is sold in China. As we can see in the sketch, you will have an smooth and dynamic aesthetic. Notable for some aspects such as windows without frame or the pronunciation the roof fall which gives some appearance of coupé.

This way you can see how it will continue in the line of the retired Volkswagen CC, but bringing a touch of distinction that was necessary. We also see certain influences from Volkswagen C Coupe GTE Concept, a prototype presented two years ago. With him share a more tapered grille and LED headlamps more stylized. But still have to wait for is unveils its image completely, because the sketches only serve as guide.

Time brand promises us that Volkswagen Arteon will have a convenient rear door and we also expect the latest in technology. It is not surprising to receive items such as gestural control of the new Volkswagen Golf. On the other hand, the range of engines could be very similar to that currently offered the Passat. We will leave doubts soon, since the Arteon will be presented next month in March at the Geneva Motor Show.

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