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Volkswagen will have a new pick up below the Amarok would reach Europe?

Volkswage Amarok 2016 lavado de cara

The pickup segment is one of the more “rare” (see quotes) that exist in the automotive industry. For those who do not know, in Spain are vehicles that are classified as industrial and to have improved exponentially their attitudes and equipment still remain working cutting vehicles. But in other countries of the world are cars especially valued for their qualities to load and even imposing image.

Some of these markets are in America and as its greatest exponent we have United States. But Latin America is also very fond of this type of cars because they are better adapted to circulate by his broken road network. Precisely in these markets is where Volkswagen Group wants to stand up to the archiconocidas Fiat Toro, Renault Duster Oroch and next Hyundai Crete STC.

Volkswagen Saveiro

In Brazil, Argentina, Chile and more markets of the southern part of america Volkswagen sells its pickup Amarok without major complications. The problem arises when we talk about pick up smaller and better adapted to certain types of work. Therefore the direction of the conglomerate German would have given permission to develop a new Pickup that is squarely in the compact vehicle segment.

According to several local media reported, the new Volkswagen pick-up will be seated on the modern MQB-A0 platform that already gives life to the new Seat Ibiza. If this is true this vehicle would have capabilities more than good to move on the roads of the Mercosur. As it is logical you can mount four wheel drive disconnect 4Motion, although it may not mounted reduction nor the differential locks.

Other data that we know is that you can mount the same range of engines diesel and gasoline that equip the Seat Ibiza (and their brothers of platform). As engine star will have the petrol 1.4 TSI with multiple power levels. In terms of engines diesel know what will have under its vain engine in addition to If the 1.5 more modern TSI group.

The question that arises with this vehicle is if finally you end up selling in Europe. The reason of why they say this is simple and focuses on its structure and mechanical possibilities. Its base is very modern and to the adapt the mechanical of the Ibiza and company well could serve to open a new niche of market and help to improve the sales of the Consortium. Weather at the time.

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