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Volkswagen will present the prototype I.D. Buzz for Europe in Geneva

Volkswagen Id-Buzz Concept

The Volkswagen Group is walking around half the world strategy of electrification and autonomous vehicles. One of the first models that initiated this change of course was the concept I.D. Buzz. This prototype is based on the evolution that has suffered the MQB modular platform to create electric vehicles on it.

This concept was premiered for the first time and with a global in the last edition of the Detroit Auto Show. As everyone could see it, your design much drank its ancestor T1, but improving it to bring them to our days. These improvements have enhanced comfort and unparalleled interior space in the segment (all this thanks to its platform MEB).

Volkswagen I.D. Buzz Concept

After his debut in Detroit now it is the turn of Europe. The Volkswagen Group has confirmed that I.D. Buzz will be present at the impending Geneva Motor. With this, it is the third time that the German consortium takes ride your electric van. This will not prevent that salon-goers can admire in person to this impressive vehicle, then its almost five meters in length placed it as a valid alternative to vehicles for passenger transport.

Now we know, thanks to its platform, this vehicle’s batteries are located on the ground. With this positioning, the space for the occupants becomes immense. In addition, to lower the center of gravity to the Max, the dynamic of the model behaviour will be very good for the size and final weight of the set.

By now the I.D. Buzz has no go-ahead to manufacture. However, we could bring us a pleasant surprise at the Geneva Motor Show. The reason is that the Volkswagen Group need to electrify its range immediately and although the Buzz is not the most suitable model to reach the general public, if you it could be worth as a technological showcase to show what they can.

We will be attentive to what happens in Geneva, because Volkswagen Group could give more than one surprise.

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