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Volkswagen will restructure its workforce to implement the electric car

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The Dieselgate crisis has forced to the Volkswagen Group to improve its image based on innovation and technology. This innovation and technology goes by plunge in the career of the vehicle electric. This way it will solve two problems, on the one hand the bad image that lastra company on the problem of emissions from diesel engines and other take a step of advantage to its competitors in terms of electric mobility .

As a result the German giant will be released in the month of November its industrial plans . These plans are to focus their energies and economic capacity to create a range of electric vehicles able to establish itself as the best in the market. Also, according to Matthias Müller (Advisor Executive) and Karlheinz Blessing (Chief of personal of Volkswagen) this range of vehicles electric is placed close to them 30 models and will be around them 500 km of autonomy.

Volkswagen BUDD-E concept frontal

However, to achieve the ambitious goal that have been marked must happen many things within the company. The first one is a restructuring of the template and the production processes. Well said and done, Volkswagen has met yesterday Wednesday Wolfsburg with about 20,000 workers. The reason for this meeting is simple; employees of the Group shall form and be updated on new tasks, forms of work and productionorganization.

In addition, another of the topics discussed at this meeting is the template setting that will suffer from the group. Volkswagen Group currently gives work to 610,000 people around the world, but because of this restructuring template will be adjusted downward by early retirements. In this way the company dismissals will not make but will promote that workers wishing to do so can prejubilarse and instead of covering their jobs with new employees will be left uncovered.

With these actions the Volkswagen Group expects that by 2025 the 25 per cent of its cars are electric. His strategy 2025plan will be published according to Müller in a few days. With this plan, the Group wants to make sure the leadership of Volkswagen in the manufacture of electric cars in Europe.

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