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Volvo promises autonomy in their top 400 km electric car

Volvo 40.1 y 40.2 Concept

The race to have the electric car with the greater autonomy of the market seems that it has already begun. When Nissan launched the Leaf around the world missed is the hands to the head, as adjusted autonomy caused anxiety in clients. However, now that the technology is advancing at leaps and bounds, it seems that the chimera have electric with a loose autonomy cars is on the verge of disappearing from our minds.

One of the car manufacturers are investing and working to get decent levels of autonomy in their electric cars is Volvo. The Swedish manufacturer already us confirmed a while ago that its first pure electric car would come to the market for the year 2019. Best of all is that, as time passes and approaches that could reach the market, brand managers are releasing the first details on their technical characteristics.

Ago, more or less, a year and half, the President and CEO of Volvo, Håkan Samuelsson, announced that its brand would have several hybrid models and that they would also also have a fully electric model. The time has gone and we have witnessed the birth of several versions of their models with electric assistance in their engines. The first was the last generation of the XC90, because mixing know-how of its mechanical gasoline T8 assisted by an electric motor.

Volvo 40.1 y 40.2 Concept

This same mechanical approach is spreading by all the Swedish manufacturer models, including the new XC60. But in addition, Volvo won’t stay there, as the new series 40 will also have a mechanism of this kind. However, the biggest surprise of all is that, when 2019 Swedish brand will sell its first electric model to 100 percent and will do so on the new XC40 that we will see in Shanghai.

Therefore, Volvo officials have begun to release some pearls on the autonomy that will have your electric car. According to they have commented, the first electric Volvo will have a range of about 250 miles. If we translate that into kilometers we are talking about it would be low and 400 kilometers. If so, already would have more capacity than the future Tesla Model 3, as Elon Musk car Announces only 340 kilometers of autonomy.

You will have to wait to that House details on the car as this first step already made us think about the good work they are doing. At some point between now and 2019 we will know the final model or if on the contrary decide to use any of those released between now and then. As it can be to series 40.

Source – Volvo Cars

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