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Wallbox updated their systems of charging for electric vehicles


Wallbox is a company with headquarters in our country that is dedicated to the systems of charging for vehicles electrical. They have taken advantage of the fair eCarTec held in Munich (Germany) to present its latest innovations in this sector. We speak of the Wallbox Commander and Wallbox press, two load systems innovative and designed for domestic use. They will highlight for its ease of use and attractive design.

Already has begun the marketing of both models, which are compatible with any model of vehicle electric and hybrid plug-in. Pulsar Wallbox 22 kw also can boast of being the charger the world’s smallest, since practically fits in the Palm of the hand. On the other hand, the Wallbox Commander can manage the energy and decide if use it in charging the vehicle or in others uses domestic, being more efficient.


Wallbox Commander (left) and Wallbox press (right)

Both systems charge are handled through a touchscreen and its operation is similar to a tablet. In addition, they have one capacity greater than other rivals and allow a full charge of the vehicle in just three hours. Another advantage is that the client can access a personal area called “My Wallbox” which allows to control consumption, set up the charger and gain access to numerous services.

The Wallbox Commander and Wallbox press also benefit from the system “Smart Charging System”, which allows you to charge electric vehicle automatically when the price of energy is less high. The company wants to lead the market European and get a fee above the 6% for 2019. Already sold through networks of dealers and QUADIS as ENDESA energy companies. Brands such as Nissan and Mitsubishi have already approved in Japan.

Source – Wallbox

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