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We pray for not seeing a Grandland X OPC Opel as the imagined by X-Tomi

Render de un Opel Grandland X por X-Tomi Design

Opel has launched a strong offensive products type SUV. This strategy began at the end of last year with the launch of the updated Opel Mokka, changing its name to Mokka X by the new way of calling their cars of type SUV and crossover. Later they gave unveiled the Opel Crossland X, a new urban crossover, and it makes just one week was unveiled a new larger SUV under the name of Opel Grandland X.

Like the majority of brands and manufacturers, Opel has made it clear that commitment to the new tastes of the European market, the SUV and crossovers that are both currently demanded. Having already seen various models of competition vitaminados by sports affiliates of each of them, recreations such as X-Tomi Design designers have been hand to work to develop a picture of what could be an Grandland X OPC Opel. We see it in the image of the header. What do you think?

Opel Grandland X

Opel Grandland X

X-Tomi Design has taken one of the images published by the German firm to create a so-called Opel Grandland X OPC. Beyond that we see or not someday a Grandland X OPC by Opel, the truth is that, personally, I don’t like that so. First, X-Tomi has painted low plastic model showed us black newly presented car which gives an aspect more off road, in the body color.

Moreover, it has made a few additives in the Netherlands, considerably reducing its height. The front side air intakes have also been redesigned; like tires that are now equipped with five double spokes and larger. I do not know you, but the result of X-Tomi is made me something “tuning”. I guess that, as in most things in life, and more in this world, will be a matter of taste.

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