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With a video PSA will inform its customers of the operations to perform at workshop


It may seem silly, but sometimes leave our car in the workshop can pose more headaches than joy. No, it is not that not we fiemos us of the workshops or the good do their professional, but made the economic situation we live that many decide to take the path of the picaresque. This means that, you can use spare parts of poorer quality, cheaper or even that forms a Ridge with minutiae that was not really necessary to fix budget.

This creates the consumer fears and suspicions is not therefore relying on what they tell you in the workshop. The PSA group is aware of this situation and to make its customers more calm and happy when they leave their cars in the official services of the group have decided to make this measure. Through the platform CitNOW, PSA (Peugeot and Citroen DS) customers will receive a video in which explain the diagnosis who receive their vehicles.


The operation of the system is already very simple platform CitNOW will send the customer an e-mail and SMS that will be attached to the detailed report of operations to the vehicle as well as a video that explains and teaches diagnosis made, the problems encountered during the process and the budget which will have to pay when your vehicle is out of service.

Graphic hereunder, the customer may decide in real time if it approves or suspends the service agreed or if you have any doubt to rinse it using a feed back faster and easier. According to Alfredo Vila, Director-General of PSA Retail “we extend the use of video throughout our network and staff after checking, in a pilot conducted at two dealerships, the value that provides the platform for CitNOW customers and the business of our network”.

This measure seems very useful for government services and clients as allows their communication in real time. In addition, helps streamline maintenance tasks as the client decides in real-time on the maintenance of your vehicle, providing work for mechanics and technicians from the workshop.

Source – PSA group

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