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Yet another teaser for the Alpine A120 before his revelation in Geneva

Teaser Alpine A120

The A120 Alpine will be unveiled in just 15 days, during the celebration of the 87 Edition of the Geneva Motor Show. The French brand is taking care of that let us not forget it-based teasers, one after the other, in recent weeks. We do not know very well if this will be the last, although seeing the trend, it is likely to still make them for another pair of teasers. The image is clear, “save the date”, says his title.

At the foot of the image we cite to follow the presentation on March 7 in the Pavilion of 4 of the enclosure that held the great international exhibition, at the 13:15 hours. In addition, the fans and interested they can follow the presentation via the web site In the latest teasers have informed us of its careful aerodynamics and its studied as well as lightweight seats. In this picture we see, distorted, the right side of the new sports French.

A pity that this time don’t let us see or inform us of any detail revealing as on other occasions, using it basically to inform us of the date. We do know that the A120 Alpine will be a cult car and that your configuration to beat main rival will be the German Porsche 718 Cayman. And why especially the Stuttgart sports? Because they share philosophy.

Alpine A120 is not intended to be a supercar who destroy records in circuit. Seeks to be a passionate and sports car at the expense of a mid-engine configuration to improve the weight distribution and a low center of gravity, although it will not be to two centimeters of soil. On the drive there is no information specific, although rumor has it the use of a 1.8 turbo with four-cylinder that develops a power of between 250 and 300 HP at full capacity. It is expected that it can go from 0 to 100 in less than 5 seconds.

Let us hope that Geneva be if divulged the details of this passionate sport.

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