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Electric cars will have a network of magazines in United States

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United States is a very large, so large that yield to meet the dreams of thousands of Europeans who decided to migrate to their land to start a new life. However its size is not compatible with the autonomy that have current electric cars. To solve this problem the Executive of President Barack Obama has proposed the creation of a corridor of charging stations for electric cars.

This runner of stations of recharge will cross of this to West and from North to South the United States. Specifically is created 48 lines of charge for car electric through 35 of them States that form the country. In addition, also will cover the District of Columbia. With these new charging stations will be they covered about forty thousand kilometers of highways in the country.

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As we can see in the map, according to the proposed should install is stations of recharge each one hundred kilometers. Of this way the drivers can circular calm and arrive without stress to the destination marked. In addition, the infrastructure is left open to States that want it can expand it by adding more recharging stations.

During the years he has been in the White House Barack electric vehicles have increased their sales in the United States. In addition, attached to these sales growth also is increased the points where drivers can charge their car batteries. As data we have that in 2008 there were around the country less than 500 points of recharge and today there are more than 16,000.

From here we hope that this plan be imitated by more countries in the world, and similar actions are carried out. This is the best form for bet of form clear by the mobility electric encouraging them points of recharge from the institutions public.

Source-Department of energy from United States

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