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Google Waymo are looking for drivers to test its autonomous cars

Google Waymo Chrysler Pacifica autónoma

Autonomous driving is a reality that takes very little time to reach our lives. The car brands go ahead with their projects and plans to incorporate much before their cars the necessary technology which converts them into autonomous machines. Google and its subsidiary Waymo continue working side by side with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) as the Chrysler Pacifica, which were ceded to the project is continuing with its test. The funny thing of all is that from Google and Waymo you are looking for drivers who want to be testers of their autonomous cars.

In an official statement released by Waymo explains that “as a pilot Tester, you will be able to use our autonomous vehicles to go to sites that attends every day, from work, to school, to the movies and more.” Then you can share your thoughts and experiences with our team to help shape the future of how to operate our self drive vehicles “.”

This experience will not start like crazy, as drivers who are willing to take on this task will have a development engineer for Google in the passenger seat. According to the most important search engine makers, drivers will earn high sums of money to make trips in the car. In addition, to prove what they are saying have made public a video on his official YouTube channel where he explain this curious offer of work.

This initiative is the first that comes in as a test car with autonomous technology. For now are the brands which are taking care of these test and validation test. However, Google has wanted to go a step beyond, because their autonomous cars are not for sale and are accessible to normal drivers. For this reason, this action they seek to standardize this technology to bring it even more to drivers who may be wary of it.

In line with this news, Sergio Marchionne, CEO of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) has made public a press release in which says that “has been advantageous to both companies to continue working together to fully understand the steps necessary to bring the autonomous driving vehicles to market”.

The penalty is that this job offer is only available for certain States in the United States. Hopefully remember Europe and when the necessary legislation regulate we can exert testers-wire.

Source – Google – Waymo

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