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GP of Bahrain F1 2017: dates, times and channels

GP de Bahréin: circuito de noche

New appointment, 2017 F1 Bahrain GP, where it is expected that Honda and less powerful engines, as the of specification 2016 that fits the Renault and Sauber, suffer in the straight lines of the circuit. But that that is not going to remove it is a very interesting quotation, in the circuit with the lights illuminating the path in these night races to special are and beautiful view. So you can not miss any of the sessions of the next weekend, and for this reason I am going to include a table with the days, times and means where to watch Formula 1 as always.

When themedia, you know that they are always. If you do not opt for exotic solutions, them you can see the channel MoviStar F1 offer package that Movistar TV has, or also see this channel through the digital television services that you can get with Vodafone, as we have said on other occasions. As well, whatever the chosen medium, I hope both Carlos and Fernando well them in this event, although it is not a circuit with characteristics that adapt well to their cars…

Alonso adivino

As for Toro Rosso, good, it’s a team that in recent years has progressed enough, but that is not his elder brother Red Bull or much less. That added to the Renault engine, not to make the perfect formula to win. Though he is expected to have a new specification of the Renault engine with some improvements to be significantly noticed on track, something that would bring closer to Red Bull to Mercedes GP of Canada and also auparía to Toro Rosso a bit further up. But also seems to be good news for Fernando Alonso, and it seems that before the intended.

By what have commented from Honda Japan media, they want to advance the new engine specification even ahead of schedule, the reason is simple, taken again measures risky and hastily, working in 24-hour shifts and hiring new staff, a situation that is not ideal, so you should make sure that it is a reliable engine. So they want to try it at the Bahrain test that will take place after the race next week. Therefore will have to be with an eye on the box of McLaren-Honda and see what such ruge new engine…

Day Session Time
Friday, April 14th Free practice 1 13:30
Friday, April 14th Free practice 2 17:00
Saturday, April 15 Free practice 3 14:00
Saturday, April 15 Classification 17:00
Sunday, April 16 Career 17:00

As to if the engine will be sufficient or not, good, expected a great improvement, as well as to win no. In fact, a great improvement in just a few weeks would be something to applaud Honda without a doubt. But it seems that Alonso has published on social networks a strange photo with him and a ball of glass in their hands and the positive message “good things are coming“. Amen!

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