Saturday , December 4 2021
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Qoros and Koenigsegg will present the Super EV project in Shanghai


The automotive industry is so competitive that the collaboration for the development of new technologies is forced between the marks. More if it fits between the manufacturers who have smaller, as the costs that have to take for the development of these plans are much higher. Koenigsegg and Qoros have …

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Qoros Auto will debut the new engine of Koenigsegg


Qoros is a brand of car china-israeli with a short tour in the sector of the automobile. However it firm wants to convince to them customers of that nothing has that see with what think about the rest of brands of its country. For this are working very hard in …

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Koenigsegg Regera will have a new carbon fiber wheels


Koenigsegg is a small Swedish manufacturer known for their Supercars and its advanced technology. A few years ago became the first brand to mount carbon fiber wheels in their vehicles. A work of art from the point of view of engineering that reduced the weight of this element without losing …

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